Hosted Voice Services in Toledo

The size of your business, the number of people you employ and the industry you service should have no bearing on the quality of voice over internet services available to you. BroadConnect is a true hosted VoIP system solutions provider experienced in delivering hosted Voice services that will positively impact your business and drive customer satisfaction rates through the roof. Our hosted PBX solutions will allow you to focus on what matters most – managing your business and generating revenue. As hosted VoIP providers, we offer complete virtual business phone services, hardware solutions, and applications that will quickly make your communications challenges a thing of the past.

Our hosted enterprise-grade telephone system gives businesses of all sizes the unique ability to reduce their communications expenses by nearly 50%, in comparison to tradition phone services. A large portion of these savings come as a result of better managing their voice and data networks.

Why Hosted Voice over Internet Protocol is ideal for you

hosted voiceFully managed VoIP, or Hosted PBX, is the raison d’être for telephony services. It gives a high standard of simplicity and flexibility that the conventional PBX and normal communications platforms just can’t achieve.

BroadConnect’s hosted VoIP solutions aren’t priced per user or feature, unlike traditional phone services. The inclusive and feature rich options offer the following:

  • Highly advanced cloud technology
  • Customizable service options
  • HD voice quality and clarity

Our Hosted VoIP system runs over the BroadConnect private network – which is the most secure data network in the region – which is our advantage over other VoIP Providers. Since one has the option to leverage their already acquired hardware, we have a large selection of high-end routers, switches, and phone sets on offer which we can serve during the installation process.

High Execution is Guaranteed

Managed VoIP from BroadConnect provides all the features available on a traditional phone system, in addition to other advanced functionality features. One can enjoy more control over their business communications with an affordable solution that is scalable and capable of enhancing their productivity.

Seamless Transition

Our team of project experts will provide setup and installation to make sure that one gets a smooth transition from their current PBX.

Check Operational Expenditure by Using Hosted VoIP

  • Eliminate the burden of managing and maintaining an in-house phone system
  • Acquire access to more advanced enterprise-class features that will greatly increase efficiency and enhance productivity
  • Leverage a truly scalable and flexible system which has been made to reduce management efforts
  • Reduce, and also eliminate (in some circumstances), long distance calling charges
  • Acquire the benefit of direct extension dialing in Toledo, across Canada and the United States

Complete Setup Assurance

Once connected to our fiber optic network, we offer best-in-class features and services that exceed other options available on many basic voice plans.