Hosted Mobile VoIP in Toledo

BroadConnect Telecom’s Hosted business VoIP services are enterprise-quality, cloud-based solutions that enhance employee connectivity and drive production through the use of a singular unified phone system. Every employee in your company can use the same advanced IP telephony features (and added benefits such as mobile VoIP for BYOD plans) on every phone, regardless of where they are located.

When your business grows, and the demands of servicing new employees increases, BroadConnect Voice over IP solutions scale easily to fit your new needs. Your geographically dispersed employees will appreciate the uniformity of user experience built into this dynamic service.

Additional benefits include free inter-office calling, instant and cost-free moves or account changes, expert network planning and engineering, off-site storage of critical provisioning and service configuration, and more.

Hosted BYODBroadConnect Allows You to Collaborate & Be Productive on the Go

 Studies that have taken place in 2014 have revealed that close to 80% of all professionals use two devices to access their company data and systems. Therefore, if you are a business owner, you  might be finding it challenging to balance your employee’s demands to use their devices while trying to make sure that you stay in control of your business’s data.

With BroadConnect, you are able to use their mobile VoIP apps so you can integrate all of your VoIP business services with any mobile device. We provide you with a secure BYOD solution that regulates IP telephony and provides your employees with the mobile unified communications services that they need to do their jobs effectively.

BroadConnect Can Help Your Business

With the BYOD “Bring Your Own Device” solution, you will find your business will operate seamlessly since challenges and expenses are reduced. Other benefits include:

  • Having all business related voice usage under one plan
  • You are able to use business continuity plans and manage communications in the cloud
  • Employees have a better business experience
  • Employees are able to be more productive since they can use their personal devices.

How BroadConnect Benefits Your Employees

 BroadConnect makes it so your employees can use their devices, which means that their office is with them at all times. Other benefits include:

  • Find me/Follow me applications
  • IM and video services
  • Free local calling in Toledo
  • Long distance is on the business plan so it does not affect personal bills.

Make the decision to switch to BroadConnect today so both you and your employees can have an enhanced business experience.