Phone System Accessories

The modern business world is extremely competitive; making it crucial for businesses to stay ahead of the game. This means finding and implementing ways to effectively communicate both inside and out of the business.

BroadConnect knows how important access to business-enhancing features such as conference calling, call handling, metering, call recording and queues, automated attendants and Avaya IP office, Polycom solutions more.

Our customer service teams are standing by to offer expert technical advice, information on current systems, and suggestions for new systems. We want to ensure that you receive everything your business needs to achieve optimal results from your new business telecommunications system.

Business Phone System’s by BroadConnect

polycom phone systemA successful business  needs a good phone system to handle calls, connect transfer calls, call metering, private and shared voice messages, and more. At BroadConnect, we strive to offer our consumers the best service. This is why we partner with  the best telephone system manufacturers of the world.

Here we give you a brief description of our IP Accessories providers.


  1. Polycom: The next generation business telecommunication solution by Polycom provides a different standard for Voice and Video calls. With Polycom solutions, you can have a two-way conversation for your business that will exceed your expectations. You can use the Polycom’s voice/video solutions from anywhere in your office whether boardroom, your desktop or anywhere else. You are assured that Polycom solutions will keep you connected as well as productive with your workforce.


  1. Avaya: The global leader in enterprise communications system provides Unified Communications, contact centers, data solutions and other related services directly through its leading businesses and organizations around the world. Avaya IP Office is an award winning system that helps simplify the processes within your system. Avaya IP office can connect to the latest IP lines as well as existing lines. BroadConnect Telecom is a trusted partner of Avaya and allows its users to offer high-quality service at an affordable price.


  1. Cisco: The system provides a wide variety of voice, video, and IP communications solutions that help the consumers in the efficient and effective mode of communication. Cisco Phones offer the business person user-friendly phones as well as the benefit of touch, voice, and data networks. Cisco IP Phones and hardware improve the needs of your consumers by improving the output of your workforce.


  1. Panasonic: The Company provides expandable phone system that allows its users to use multiple handsets to its main device. Each handset is automatically linked to the base unit and is easily accessible without wires.


Hosted Business Phone Systems in Toledo

Business telephone systems are used through a Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN) and/or over the Internet (VoIP). A Hosted business phone system allows even small and medium sized business to have an advanced telephone system without the high cost. Employees can work from their own home, on travel or with their cell phones while still being connected to the main telephone system of the office.

BroadConnect also offers Hosted PBX solutions that are compatible with the rapidly growing needs of your company. Contact a BroadConnect representative today and get customized solutions for your Toledo-area business.