IP Phones and Hardware for Businesses in Toledo

Regardless of the size of your business, your business requires features such as call handling and transferring, conference calling, and shared voice message boxes. An advanced Voice over IP telephony solution can provide a fully-featured business phone system engineered to meet you current and future needs. We have partnered with some of the finest manufacturers of IP phones and hardware in the world. We are pleased to offer you advice, sales support and guidance on great hardware options.

CISCO IP PHONEWhen you choose BroadConnect as you IP Phones and related hardware provider, we can assure that you will get everything you need. Whether you need a phone for an executive or a sales agent, you will find the best choice for us; we also provide wholesale solutions. 

Here is a list of business Phones and IP Phones we offer:

Desk Phones

We provide the best quality IP Phones with crystal clear voice quality and clarity. These IP phones are manufactured by top companies. We have a large range of desk phones with advanced features that will make your communications more efficient.

Wireless VoIP Phones

As technology is becoming advanced, VoIP phones are getting more efficient as well. Wireless networks are being used more often than wired networks resulting in an efficient use of time and resources. VoIP phones are now available as wirelessly; making it easier for employees to use their features with more flexibility. BroadConnect has a wide range of wireless VoIP phones to fulfill all your requirements.

Video Phones

Video conferencing has become a necessity for many businesses, as it encourages and facilitates collaboration. When it is not possible to physically visit, video phones can help collaborate with more efficiency. With the help of video conferencing, many decisions can be made quickly and effectively while saving on traveling expenses. We provide a large range of video phones catering to your needs.

Conference Phones

In today’s world, when geography is no longer a limitation, different members of a team may be deputed at different areas. With conference phones, communication between team members in different locations has become easier. When it comes to selecting the best conference phones, we provide you with the phones offering crystal clear voice quality and clarity in Toledo and across the world.