PBX Solutions Provider in Toledo

Regardless of the size of your business, or the physical makeup of your organization, an IP-based PBX system from BroadConnect will allow you to focus on what matters most – growing and running your business. We are a leading provider of PBX for small business and you can trust us with your unified communicationSs and voice over IP phone system needs.

With our cloud-based systems, you will enjoy the benefit of being able to save both time and money. BroadConnect’s virtual PBX systems make use of the latest business phone system technology that will present your business with everything needed to be streamlined and efficient. Your VoIP maintenance, support, hardware, installation, and updates are all handled by us at our data center. We offer a fully hosted solution which requires low capital expenses and is highly user-friendly.

PBX System Types and Comparisons

PBX systems for small to mid-size businesses have been evolving and become increasingly complex. We’re giving you a quick comparison between conventional on-site PBX’s and the more sophisticated IP PBX “Unified Communications” systems with other features.

Conventional PBX for Small Businesses

A PBX designed specifically for SMB use requires a complete telephone-switching system for managing both incoming as well as outgoing voice calls. In this type of system, the PBX is wired directly to the public phone system and then mandates the routing of incoming calls to its designated extensions. The majority of SMB PBX’s have both internal and external telephone lines, plus a server capable of managing call-switching and/or routing as well as having a console intended for manual overrides.

IP-based PBX’s

In terms of functionality, an IP-based PBX can do anything and everything that most conventional PBX’s can do plus some more. It functions as a pseudo-hybrid system performing both the switching and connecting of the Voice-Over-IP, while also being able to direct regular voice calls through the landline service.

Unified Communications

Unified Communications services successfully meet the needs of both medium-size businesses and SMB’s as it combines the versatility of IP-PBX systems coupled with additional rigorous telecommunication features that a standard telephone system simply cannot deliver. (Modern businesses require more improved features for supporting their workflow.) Unified Communications can outperform the typical IP-based PBX system in terms of cost, as well as in providing an almost effortless functionality and scalability that allows expansion according to your available bandwidth, but without requiring you to install any new hardware.

Virtual PBX Systems in Toledo

A Virtual PBX system functions the same way as most other cloud-based systems and other types of VoIP’s. It’s perfect for small businesses that don’t require large-scale functionality features while still offering a tangible telecommunications solution that traditional systems can. Virtual PBX system or Hosted PBX features include voice mails, ability to add or remove users with ease, plus hold-music.